Happy Birthday, Hermione Granger!

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It has just come to my attention that today marks Ms. Granger’s 36th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Hermione!  May you have many more!



Question for Lord of the Rings fans…

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The first thing I would like to say it that since no one actually commented regarding the giveaway I was hosting, I couldn’t actually do a drawing.  But, enough of that…

I’ve been watching The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.

I’m very keen to find out what it is about the storyline that keeps so many interested the themes of “quest”, “friendship”, “loyalty”, “bravery” and so forth.

In more recent years, we’ve had writers such as J.K. Rowling who was able to portray such themes in children starting with the first Harry Potter book.  I was completely amazed at how the story came to such a climatic element.  But, it took quite a few books to get the story to reach that point.  Would it be possible to write an amazing series that contains so many elements in fewer books?  I think it is.

What I’m trying to understand and figure out is what it takes to write a great story that can capture the attention of not just one age group…but, all of them.

I know I used “Lord of the Rings” in my subject line and then segued into “Harry Potter”.  But, I have to admit that I see certain similarities.  I’m nearing the completion of my first novel and plan to publish it as an indie author mainly because I don’t have the time nor the patience to be dealing with rejections from traditional literary agents and publishers.  I intend to take the ball into my own court and do with it what I may.

My story is so precious and sacred to me, and I don’t want to lose my rights to my own story if I publish traditionally.  I know that my story is unique and can hold its own.

I may be a first time writer, but the feedback I’ve been getting from my beta readers speaks for itself.

In this day and age, I think that we are facing the fact that traditional publishing is dying because they’re only looking for the next bestseller.  Indie publishing allows so many people to read so many stories that should be more well-known and actually be able to correspond with the author.  Typically, you couldn’t even get a traditionally published author to correspond with his/her writers.

Social media holds a lot of power as far as promoting and reviewing other writer’s novels.  Traditional publishing is a business.  Indie writers compose of a community.

So, which is better?

That’s all for now.  I think I’m done with thoughts for the evening.  I hope that each and every one of you are doing well.  Blessings to you all! 🙂


E-Book Giveaway Reminder

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Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you all know that the e-book giveaway is still going on.  The drawing will be held tomorrow.  To be entered, though, you MUST leave a comment letting me know that you liked Addison Kline’s page.  These aren’t my rules.  They were put in place by the author herself.  To like…go here: Addison Kline.  Below is a little teaser photo of her latest book that is set to be released later this month.  Good luck, Everyone!



E-Book Giveaway!!!

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I know that it has been a really long time since I’ve posted here.  But…I’ve been busy corresponding with my beta readers in getting feedback for Solstice.  For starters, the feedback has been very positive, and I’m really excited to say that I’m aiming to have Solstice completed by mid-late October.  There are a couple of indie publishers that I plan on submitting my story to.  I’m also considering self-publishing.  In celebration of recent events, I’m happy announce that I’m hosting an E-Book Giveaway for my friend and fellow writer, Addison Kline!  An eARC of her title “Broken Road” is up for grabs!  It’s due to be releases on 9-29-15, but you can win a copy before it’s even released to the general public!  All you have to do is go to her Facebook page and like her!  Once you do, come back here and leave a comment telling me that you liked her page.  If you do not return and leave me a comment, you won’t be entered.  Drawing will occur on Friday 9-11-15.  Here’s the page to go to: Addison Kline


I hope everyone is doing well and GOOD LUCK!!! 🙂


It’s been a busy year!!!

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I’m sorry that I haven’t posted here in quite some time.  I had put writing aside for a while because I had the misfortune of being laid off from a job I had.  Since then, I started taking classes in medical billing and coding and have graduated with honors in my program!  However, this is still a day job to help pay the bills.  I’m still very much into writing Solstice and have put a lot of thought of where I want the story to go and how I want the first book to end and how the second one begins!  Writing is still very much my first love, but, as I said, I still have to work to support my family.  So…with that being said…I have been putting some time aside on my days off (I had actually forgotten what it was like to have a day while I was still in school) to continue writing and FINALLY complete Solstice!  I’m excited about this time in my life and am very much looking forward to sharing it with you all!

Until next time,


Excerpts have been deleted

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I’m sorry to those that enjoyed reading the excerpts I posted here.  Upon the advice of a few writer friends, I thought it was best to remove those excerpts.  I will continue coming here and discussing my progress.  I have also subscribed to Writer’s Market and Writer’s Digest and will be using those avenues to work on a query letter, ensure that my story is aimed for my target audience and make sure that it’s not considered too graphic in order to be considered for that genre.  I’m also looking forward to learning what agents are looking for my kind of story…so….wish me luck!!! 🙂

Until next time…


He’s almost two!

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He's almost two!

This picture was taken on April 27th after we came home from his baptism. Here, he’s hiding from his godmother during a little game of Hide-and-Seek. I can’t believe he’s going to be turning two next month!!! My…how time flies! 🙂

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